Attendee FAQ

What is the Women in Analytics Conference?

The WIA conference is a 3-day event to be held in June 2020 in Columbus, OH. WIA team members will have the opportunity to hear from analytics leaders, connect with industry professionals, attend exclusive events, and gain inspiration to take back and share with their companies.

Who should attend Women in Analytics Conference?

WIA has an international presence and brings together industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and academia of all genders. Past attendees include Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Researchers, Software Developers/Engineers, Students, and Executives.

When is the 2020 Women in Analytics Conference? Where will it take place?

The next conference date is June 3-5, 2020 in Columbus, Ohio.

How can I register? What are the registration rates?

Registration for the 2020 Conference will open in July 2019. Stay tuned for more details.

How can I sponsor the 2020 Women in Analytics Conference?

There any many ways to become a part of the WIA Conference. Visit our sponsor page to learn how you can help. Or, if you’re an individual and want to volunteer, complete the form on our volunteer page.

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