Heather Harris – 2021 Q1 | Woman to Watch

Who is Heather Harris?

She launched her career as a computer chip designer in Silicon Valley, working for large semiconductor companies like AMD and National Semiconductor. 

Having worked in broadcast journalism in high school and college, she naturally fell into leadership roles as a technical and business liaison between business leaders and technology teams. 

Ten years ago, her passion for programming and math came together as the cloud enabled data science to take off. She pivoted my career with a mid-career master’s program in data science and information management. 

She now lead teams that deliver AI and ML solutions to some of the world’s most customer-obsessed companies, helping clients use data as an organizational asset to create the moments that matter for their customers, partners and employees.

Read on to get to know Heather and learn about what makes her a Woman to Watch!

If You Could Have Any Superpower What Would it Be and Why?

I would be a Happiness Whisperer, helping people to reframe their mindset and see the opportunities, blessings and good all around them. 

Happiness is a choice based on perceptions, and I’d like to be able to help people exercise that mental muscle that allows you to see and internalize the positive aspects of situations rather than focus on the limitations and negative aspects.

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? What Advice Would You Ignore?

Don’t shrink yourself or accomplishments because you are concerned that you might make others feel threatened by your skills or success. There will always be insecure people who are threatened by hard work, talent and success in others.

I tend to ignore the “do what you love” mantra as finding success and happiness is more about the mental capacity to see and take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities in front of you. If you can cultivate that mental muscle, you can find success and fulfillment in a variety of vocational paths and situations, even those that have disadvantages or negative aspects.

What Is Your Favorite Quote or Saying That Captures Your Mission?

“If your vision doesn’t include others, then your vision isn’t big enough.” – Pastor Scott Dudley, Bellevue Presbyterian Church. 

My faith is a strong part of my career journey and informs my approaches to the people I work with.

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