2019 Intro Track – Kelly Denney

Kelly Denney

Director of Data Science Strategy
Radiology Partners

Intro Track – Academia to Industry

Kelly Denney

Kelly Denney is a data and research scientist with more than a decade of comprehensive experience in data science project design and implementation, using full life-cycle development. She has a broad range of experience in software development geared toward data understanding and feature extraction, statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization and presentation.

Kelly is a top-notch communicator with extensive experience in both written and oral communication to a wide range of audiences and a strategic thinker with superior analytic reasoning and problem-solving skills focused on designing and implementing data-driven solutions.

Radiology Partners is the largest and fastest growing on-site radiology practice in the US and is an innovative Practice focused on transforming how radiologists provide consistently exceptional services to hospitals, imaging centers, referring physicians, and patients.

In this digital age of Big Data and advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies, Kelly and her team utilize data science to further enhance these innovations with the goals (1) to implement an evidenced-based approach to improving patient outcomes, (2) to streamline radiologist workflows, and (3) to expand and optimize the way data inform decisions for the provision of top-quality, patient-centered healthcare.

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