Make the most of WIA’s Free Virtual Career Fair

Get your resumes ready! On October 28, 2020, WIA is hosting a free Virtual Career Fair to connect job-searching professionals of all levels with leading companies looking for talent in analytics and data science.

What is a “Virtual Career Fair”? Just like an in-person career fair, but online – which means you can attend from anywhere you’d like! The event will take place on an online platform where candidates can visit companies at virtual booths, chat with recruiters and hiring managers, view job vacancies, and apply directly to open positions.

Here’s the best part – the event is completely free and is open to all job seekers, regardless of gender or technical skill level!

Put Your Best Foot Forward (Virtually!)

We’ve compiled our best tips and tricks to help you make the most of the event.

Job seekers should approach the event just as they would an in-person job fair, visiting company booths and asking questions about available roles, company culture, and the hiring process. Prepare for the WIA Virtual Career Fair the same way you would prepare for an in-person one.

Do your research
Research the companies whose virtual booths you plan on visiting, by spending time on their websites and looking up articles, press releases, and any news coverage. Make sure you’re informed of the latest industry news and happenings.

Prep your resume
Make sure your resume is updated and highlights your skills and qualifications for your field of interest. If you’ve scheduled 1:1 chats with recruiters, tailor your resume to suit the specific requirements of each employer.

Practice your Q&A
Why are you pursuing this field? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in five years? These are common interview questions and ones you should be prepared to answer during an interview. You should also prepare questions for your interviewer, including questions about open positions, company culture, and managements’ long-term goals for the position.

Perfect your elevator pitch
An elevator pitch is a quick way to share your skills and experience with a potential employer. Your pitch should include your name, skills, and experience as it relates to the position you’re inquiring about. Practicing your pitch is a great way to gain confidence in introducing yourself.

Test your microphone and camera
If you’ll be participating in 1:1 sessions, be sure to test your microphone and camera prior to your scheduled time. Make sure your background is clean and free of clutter, and even though the event is virtual, dress professionally to put your best foot forward.

Sending a thank-you email after your chat is a great way to make an impression! Take notes during your conversation so that you can personalize your follow-up correspondence.

The WIA Virtual Career Fair is a must-attend for recent graduates, those looking to break into the field, and those searching for a new opportunity. You can learn more about this event and register for free, here.