Meet Some of the Women in Analytics Conference Speakers

The 2020 Women in Analytics Conference is set to further reveal the ways in which women are able to share unique insights into the data, analytics, and AI industries. The speakers lined up for the 2020 conference are diverse in their backgrounds and thorough in their research, meaning that participants will be able to explore their own industries from angles they may not yet have imagined. 

Looking for a conference to expand your knowledge of all things data and analytics? Take a look at the speaker and workshop line ups and see for yourself why you’ll want to consider investing in a conference pass. And make sure to register before Dec. 31 when Round 2 pricing ends!

Headline Keynote Speaker: Dr. Feryal Ozel

Dr. Feryal Ozel

The WIA Conference headline keynote speaker this year is Dr. Feryal Ozel of the University of Arizona. A professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Dr. Ozel will expand your perspective on earth-bound industries by detailing the data she was able to take away from a 5-night observational campaign utilizing the Event Horizon Telescope. 

This process – which required Ozel’s affiliated machinery to break down over 20 Terabytes of data per night – explores an updated use of data-driven deep learning that has real-world, variant industry value. 

Platforms & Process Panel Featuring Paige Roberts

Paige Roberts

The Internet of Things is a dream made reality for software engineers, marketers, and Internet-savvy professionals. Paige Roberts of Vertica knows this, and she is set to make the Internet of Things her focus when presenting at 2020’s Women in Analytics Conference.

Having worked as the open-source relations manager at Vertica for several years, Roberts excels as an engineer and as an advocate for others in the industry. To date, she’s engineered pipelines, assessed the success of large scale analytics, and explored the ways in which our increased access to data makes our world simultaneously more and less complicated.

In her talk at 2020’s Women in Analytics Conference, Roberts will discuss the ways in which the IoT scales itself. On one hand, smart homes today create their own IoT, wherein all interconnected devices respond to a single hub and are able, through that connection, to more effectively communicate with one another. Roberts actively explores the ways in which this closed circuit can expand to the point where it may service a full city. 

At this point in time, companies including Anritsu, Optimal+, and Phillips have taken advantage of the IoT’s scale. Their variations show off the IoT’s versatility, but there are foundational similarities between them that Roberts believes will set the path for organizations, large and small, to follow.

BI, Data Visualization, Storytelling: Helen Pollitt

Helen Pollitt

Marketers in all industries have heard that white paper reports have the potential to draw in consumers, much in the same way that traditional advertisements do. Knowing that the potential exists versus using it, though, is a complicated matter.

Helen Pollitt is set to use her talk at 2020’s Women in Analytics Conference to highlight the ways reports can be used outside of their traditional context. In her talk, titled, “How To Win Friends and Influence People With Reports,” she emphasizes the way reports can be used as marketing tools, both thanks to their statistic-oriented foundation and their presentation of product information. 

Pollitt emphasizes that reports are another form of internal and external communication. If those in the digital and analytical fields can use their reports to more comprehensively express ideas about data, and to then market products based on the story within the data, they’ll be using their reports to their full advantage. 

Pollitt has been working to familiarize her peers with the multi-faceted nature of reports both through Avenue Digital and other avenues. She’s worked in the industry for over ten years and boasts an impressive CV – one that you can take advantage of, should you get the chance to listen to her talk.

Ethics, Governance, Policy, Risk: Valeria Cortez Vaca Diez

Valeria Cortez Vaca Diez

It’s long been posed that, because algorithms and machines are non-human entities, they cannot express discrimination in the same way that humans can. This, however, is not the case. Valeria Cortez Vaca Diez, of Llyods Banking Group, is set to elaborate on this discrepancy in her 2020 talk, “Detecting Discriminatory Outcomes in Machine Learning Models: A Case Study of Credit Model.”

Diez spent her final years with the Imperial College London researching the ways machine learning and the systems that utilize it can express unbalanced or discriminatory outcomes. In doing so, she revealed that these supposedly-unbiased systems, in fact, inherited the biases of their coders. Entire companies can suffer from misconstrued data when machine learning is compromised in this way, so Diez spent the years that followed her education exploring how policies, hiring, and lending processes changed the way machine learning interacted with the data it took in.

Nowadays, Diez not only pulls back the curtain on the ineffable AI myth, but she serves as an advocate for increased diversity in tech teams. Her talk at the 2020 Women in Analytics Conference will highlight the ways in which machine learning diversifies based on its coder and how non-homogeneous teams can improve the data analytics that a company produces. 

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