2019 Strategy Track – Ruth Milligan

Ruth Milligan

Executive Speech Coach
Articulation, Inc.

Strategy Track Panel Moderator – Data Science Adoption: Bringing Insights to the Business

ruth milliganAs an executive speech coach and trainer, Ruth Milligan now lives at the intersection of deep knowledge fields like science and research, to medicine and data analytics, married with speakers’ desires to be highly resonating and engaging. This is a culmination her nearly 30-year career practicing some form of communications. 

Her professional passion is to help organizations of all sizes create storytelling cultures that elevate the opportunities for associates and executives to practice and deliver great presentations. Ruth founded Articulation in early 2010 after hosting one of the first TEDx events, TEDxColumbus, which is now one of the longest-running TEDx programs in the world. Since then, she and her team have coached over 500 people in TEDx or TED-style talks alongside training thousands in their original classes on content framing, storytelling, public speaking, executive presence and accessing science. 

After ten years of curating, organizing and hosting TEDx events, she is also a seasoned host, emcee, and consultant to a wide range of events from major donor events at universities to pitch events inside data and analytics teams. When Ruth and her team are engaged to help with speakers, they also advocate for the best conditions that help make a speaker, and in turn, an event, successful. 

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