2019 Strategy Track – Yvonne Wang

Yvonne Wang

Vice President, Technology Strategy
Exos Financial

Strategy Track – Diversity and Analytics

Yvonne WangYvonne Wang has a diverse background as a senior executive launching new products across technology, pharma and financial services sectors. She was the co-founder of a technology company focused on applying advanced data analytics to build algorithmic fraud detection in the areas of investment and private banking.

More recently she is again in stealth mode running technology strategy for an incumbent digital investment bank. Yvonne has 20 years of experience in new product development and innovation across multiple industries. She started her career as a hardware design engineer at Hewlett Packard, developing first generation inkjet printing and other electronic product innovations. She has extensive experience launching new drug products, delivery systems and analytical techniques for Pfizer.

Yvonne spent the last 12 years working in financial services at Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse in investment and private banking focused on building new businesses, new products and other client platforms before leaving to start her own company. In her spare time, Yvonne loves to go on adventures rafting and hiking with her husband and three children.

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