Women in Analytics Conference 2021: Safety Guidelines

Last update: 6/4/2021

Anticipated Attendance:

Total: 600 daily

Venue Capacity Information

Function Room Name Room Set Maximum Capacity with Social Distancing
Main Stage; Keynotes and Breakouts Hyatt Regency Ballroom Theater 600
Breakout Franklin Theater 250
Ask an Expert Morrow 3 tables with 2 chairs per table; tables 6’ apart 6
Exhibit Delaware All booths 6’ apart Flow; One-way traffic pattern
VIP Lunch Hayes Rounds of 6; all tables 6’ apart 50


How will room capacity information be communicated to attendees? 

Attendees will receive a welcome email communication from WIA with specific information detailing WIA’s COVID-19 mitigation plan including room sets so attendees will know what the room will be set like before arriving onsite. 

How will you maintain compliance with venue capacity guidelines? 

WIA will have a team of safety ambassadors to monitor room capacities as well as indicating entrance and exit only options for each room if available; most rooms do have multiple entrances and exits. 

Are you designating specific entrances/exits with each meeting room?

Yes, if an option is available for each meeting room. 



Hyatt’s Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment:

  • GBAC STARTM cleanliness and training accreditation process through the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) at all Hyatt hotels
  • Trained Hygiene & Wellbeing Leader or team at all locations, responsible for their hotel adhering to new operational protocols and training
  • A cross-functional panel of trusted medical and industry advisors—including experts from Cleveland Clinic—to help us fine-tune safety protocols and consider various aspects of the entire hotel experience.

Hyatt Regency Columbus’ Additional Cleanliness and Safety Measures:

  • Sanitizer stations prominently placed throughout hotels
  • More frequent cleaning of public spaces and guest room surfaces
  • GBAC STARTM accreditation, inclusive of detailed cleanliness training
  • Hygiene & Wellbeing Leader to help ensure new protocols are being met
  • Enhanced food safety and hygiene protocols
  • Colleague temperature checks at Hyatt hotels globally, and guest temperature checks at some locations in compliance with local government requirements and in light of local situations and practices
  • Removal of certain high-touch items from guestrooms

Hyatt Regency Columbus’ Distance Protocols and Safety Measures:

  • Guests are recommended to wear face masks or coverings in hotel indoor public areas and when moving around in outdoor areas at all Hyatt hotels globally
  • Hyatt Regency Columbus staff will be wearing masks
  • Elevator spacing and revised maximum capacity guidelines—elevators, fitness centers, and more

Hyatt Regency Columbus Less Contact Protocols and Safety Measures:

  • Mobile check-in and checkout
  • In-room Chromecast
  • Curated meditations from Headspace
  • Grab-and-go meal ordering
  • Hotel stay bill

Do all Hyatt Regency Columbus meeting rooms have a MERV13 filtration system? 


What chemicals does the Hyatt Regency Columbus use to disinfect surfaces? Identify what surfaces are cleaned and when:

Public areas are disinfected with approved chemicals through Ecolab.  The Hyatt Regency Columbus will be using an electrolyzed water technology for a fogging solution to assist in sanitizing and disinfecting shared equipment.  Cleaning of touchpoint areas is every two hours.

What surfaces does WIA have to disinfect? How often? With what cleaning product or disinfectant? 

WIA will be cleaning and disinfecting the following surfaces with Clorox or similar disinfectant wipes:

Registration tablets – Registration staff will be assigned a tablet to use for registration purposes; that staff person will disinfect their own tablet several times a day. If an attendee has to touch the tablet, the table will be disinfected immediately before being used by the next attendee. 

WIA store tablets – Store staff will be assigned a tablet to use for merchandise point of sales purchases; that staff person will disinfect their own tablet several times a day. If an attendee has to touch the tablet, the table will be disinfected immediately before being used by the next attendee. 

Membership tablets – Membership staff will be assigned a tablet to use for membership registrations; that staff person will disinfect their own tablet several times a day. If an attendee has to touch the tablet, the table will be disinfected immediately before being used by the next attendee. 

Clean pen and dirty pen bins will be provided at registration, WIA store, and membership areas. Dirty pens will be cleaned after use by attendees or staff before being placed in a clean pen bin. 

Radios – Staff will disinfect their radio each morning when they check-in and receive the radio. Staff will disinfect their radio at the end of each day before returning to the battery charging station. Staff will have access to disinfectant cleaner to clean their radio throughout the day. 

Staff Office – Staff will be encouraged to clean their personal items such as cell phones, personal computers/ipads, etc. throughout the day. 

How will the exhibit be cleaned? Who is responsible for cleaning?

Sponsors will be responsible for cleaning their own equipment within their booth space. This will be communicated to sponsors so they are prepared to bring their own disinfectant cleaner, etc.

How will audio visual equipment be cleaned for speakers? 

Headset lavalier microphones and handheld microphones will be disinfected as a speaker comes off stage; rotation of mics; all speakers will receive a clean mic.

Slide Advancers will be cleaned as the speaker comes off and the new speaker goes on.

Speakers will not wear masks on stage; will need to put them on as they come off stage. 

There will be an area for speakers to place masks while they are not wearing them.

Placement of hand sanitizer stations? Who is responsible for placing? Who is responsible for monitoring? 

The Hyatt Regency Columbus will have hand sanitizer stations spread throughout the hotel. 

WIA provides hand sanitizer at the registration area, in the interview room, in the Ask an Expert room, on both stages, as well as in the staff office, speaker room, in the WIA store, lounge and membership areas.

Reducing Contact

Contactless Registration

WIA will pre-print badges; badges will be displayed on badge boards (appropriately distanced) for individuals to approach the board and pick up their badges.

Swag bags will be hanging on distribution racks and attendees will be able to self-serve.

On-site registrations will be made through the conference app on an individual’s own personal device. 

How will the use of printed materials be minimized? 

WIA will not have a printed program. Attendees will be encouraged to use the conference app to view conference information and details. Details will also be printed on banners throughout the event.

Membership documents will be emailed to new potential members rather than handed membership documents onsite in paper format. 


Guest Information

Should you experience a COVID-19 outbreak at your event, how do you expect to perform contract tracing for all guests? 

All WIA attendees, sponsors, vendor/supplier partners, staff, and volunteers will be emailed if a person reports a positive COVID-19 test. The individual’s name will not be shared for HIPAA purposes. All WIA attendees, sponsors, vendor/supplier partners, staff, and volunteers will be encouraged to monitor themselves for any COVID-19 symptoms and report to the WIA team.

Is the following information being collected during registration? (Name, Billing Info, Zip Codes, Phone Number, Email): Yes

Registrants will have to check in with the WIA team prior to accessing the 3rd floor/Hyatt Regency Ballroom. 

Social Distancing:

WIA encourages social distancing; however, WIA and the Hyatt Regency Columbus will not be enforcing social distancing after Ohio health mandates lift on June 2, 2021. WIA will provide an opportunity for attendees who prefer a visual cue (i.e. color-coordinated wristbands or stickers on badges) to maintain social distancing. 

WIA will evaluate all meeting space and attendee flow of traffic. Signage and floor graphics will be used to help encourage social distancing.

WIA will work with the Hyatt Regency Columbus team to identify separate entrances and exits for all meeting rooms when possible. 

The WIA exhibit will be open all day; all booths will be socially distanced. WIA will promote one-way traffic patterns within the exhibit hall with floor graphics and or signage. Safety ambassadors will monitor the traffic inside the exhibit hall. Traffic will be able to flow all day; rather than restricted to specified/limited hours. 

WIA will make daily comments from the main stage to provide attendees with two restroom options to allow for more social distancing. 

Health Screening:

WIA will not be conducting daily health screening at checkpoints on-site after Ohio health mandates are lifted on June 2, 2021.  Signage with symptoms will be posted at conference entrances encouraging attendees to personally monitor their own symptoms. Attendees with any symptoms in the last 14 days should not enter the conference. 

What will you do if someone becomes ill with COVID like symptoms on-site? 

If a WIA staff person should start to display COVID-19 symptoms, they need to immediately text or call Rehgan Avon or Sharon Levine with ELEVAR Events. The staff person should immediately leave the venue. WIA strongly suggests that the sick staff member confer with a Dr. and or obtain a COVID-19 test. 

If a WIA attendee, sponsor, vendor/supplier partner should start to display COVID-19 symptoms, they should immediately report to the nearest WIA COVID-19 safety ambassador. The COVID-19 safety ambassador will collect the sick individual’s contact information and immediately request that the individual leave the venue. The sick individual is strongly encouraged to visit their Dr. and or obtain a COVID-19 test. If the sick individual tests positive for COVID-19, they should email info@womeninanalytics.com as soon as receiving the positive test results so that WIA can take appropriate action notifying WIA attendees, sponsors, vendors/suppliers, staff, volunteers, etc. 

Face Coverings (Masks):

After the Ohio health mandates lift on June 2, 2021, the State of Ohio, the Hyatt Regency Columbus, and or WIA will not require individuals to wear masks to enter the conference. Individuals who prefer to wear masks are encouraged to do so.

COVID-19 Signage:

What signage will you have in place informing guests of social distancing and face masks? 

WIA will place COVID-19 appropriate signage throughout the conference; will post all COVID-19 protocols online for attendees to view, made available on the conference app, emailed to all attendees and sponsors prior to the conference. 

The Hyatt Regency Columbus has also placed COVID-19 signage throughout the hotel.

Enforcement and Compliance:

How will you train staff and volunteers on WIA COVID 19 Care of Duty Protocols?

Staff, volunteers, and safety ambassadors will attend several training sessions either virtual or onsite at the Hyatt Regency Columbus prior to the conference to review the WIA COVID-19 action plan. 



How will guests be informed of event expectations prior to arrival? 

WIA participants will be made aware of WIA’s COVID-19 Action Plan via the conference website, email communications prior to the conference, and the conference app. 

How will vendors/partners be informed of event expectations prior to arrival? 

All WIA vendor/supplier partners will be sent the WIA COVID-19 Action Plan to review. 

How will staff/volunteers be informed of event expectations prior to arrival?

All WIA vendor/supplier partners will be sent the WIA COVID-19 Action Plan to review and will attend virtual and onsite training. 

Will you require attendees to complete a COVID-19 liability waiver? How will you collect? 

Yes, all WIA participants are being asked to complete a COVID-19 liability waiver. It is currently being signed during the registration process. If the waiver is not filled out by the day of the event, the attendee can complete the waiver onsite at the safety checkpoint.

How will guests be reminded of expectations during the event?

WIA will make general COVID-19 statements from the various programming stages. Push notifications will be sent via the conference app. WIA safety ambassadors will be roaming throughout the conference. 

What event information will your event’s app include as it relates to risk mitigation?

WIA is having a graphic made to simplify their COVID 19 action plan and to make it very easy for WIA participants to understand COVID-19 protocols. 

How will you communicate to your guests if someone tests positive for COVID-19 during and after the event? 

Email communication will be sent to all WIA participants to let them know that an individual at the conference tested positive for COVID-19. 

What should someone do if they test positive for COVID-19 after the event? When do they have to notify WIA? 

Email info@womeninanalystics.com; Between the conference and 14 days returning home.