Why a Women in Analytics Conference?

Ohio’s Women in Analytics Conference brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, and academia to discuss the latest technologies, frameworks, strategies, and methodologies proven to be successful while showcasing as speakers the women who have helped develop and execute them.​

Our goal is to provide visibility to the women making an incredible impact in this space and we invite anyone that can benefit by learning from their experiences to join us. 


The mission of Women in Analytics is to provide visibility to the women making an impact in the analytics space and provide a platform for them to lead the conversations around the advancements of analytical research, development, and application.​

The speaker line-up is the only aspect of our conference that is dedicated exclusively to women. Our definition of women includes all cisgender and transgender women in addition to those who identify as genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and non-binary. All other aspects of the conference, from attendance to competitions and scholarships, are open to everyone regardless of gender identity or expression.


WIA 2016 was the inaugural conference that was created to support women in the analytics space. The original conference covered the following topics:​

  • The necessity of technical experience, the power of multiple perspectives, and the significance of discovery and research in the analytics community.
  • Understanding where women currently thrive within the industry, where they are underrepresented, and what the community can do to support an increase in diversity across the spectrum of analytics.
  • Defining the necessary skills to successfully contribute to and lead within the analytics community.
  • How to generate awareness and support of women in the analytics community.