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Deadline extended to September 25th!

Analytics and AI are changing our society daily.

In this dynamic environment, we must ensure all people are considered, represented, educated, and engaged.

Book Topics

The Women in Analytics book is a compilation of thought leadership, experience-based perspectives, and frameworks across the spectrum of the most relevant and pressing topics in analytics, written by experts in the field.


Career journey & sources of inspiration


Culture, talent & organizational structure


Bias, policies & regulations


Availability, quality & operations


Exploratory data analysis & feature generation


Modeling techniques, tuning & evaluation


Testing, deployment & operations


Design techniques & storytelling


Specific challenges, approaches & solutions


Methods to advocate for diversity in analytics

Highlighted Contributors







Contribute to the Book!

With this platform, we will expand your reach and ensure that others can simply go to their bookshelf to be inspired and informed by you. We look forward to the opportunity to have you join us at one of our future book signing events next year to continue engaging with the broader analytics community.

Submission Details:

  • 1000-1500 words
  • Essay topics may include: Inspiration, Strategy, Ethics, Data Availability, Model Preparation, Modeling Techniques, Model Deployment and Operations, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence, Case Studies, or Advocacy and Support
  • You may submit any original work and you will retain ownership and can post/share as you like after publication of the book
Deadline: September 25th, 2020

Book Proceeds

Proceeds of the book will go towards our foundation. The WIA Foundation funds initiatives including the Data Science Summer Camp for Women, analytics programs for young women, and other initiatives to provide free resources to our community including our speaker academy and future author academy.


What is the flow going to be for this book?
The essays will by grouped by the topic areas with a short section introduction discussing why that the topic is of importance. However, each essay is a stand-alone piece and the book does not have to be read in order.

Do you imagine this to be a regular publication?
The current plan is to curate and release a new version every other year so that we can continue to raise awareness for new and relevant topics.

Should authors focus on a timeless or time sensitive topic?
It is up to the author as both types of essays will provide opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership and help educate the reader.

What is the tone/focus of the book?
Some of the topics are quite technical and specific while others are broad (inspiration/strategy). It is okay to be technical, but details would be challenging given the length of the submission. It is more important to explain the relevance of the technical topic the author is discussing.

How specific would a technical section be? Specific tools and code or more general approaches?
It is okay to insert code snippets or charts, but they should be limited to make sense in the context of a shorter essay.