Come for the Conference Content, Stay for the WIA Experience

Women in Analytics Conference is more than just a conference. Along with the amazing content from our list of expert speakers and panelists, the WIA Conference features a full experience for participants of all levels across the globe. The conference provides women with the chance to see themselves leading and […]


Meet your 2020 WIA Data Viz Finalists

The Data Viz Competition gives everyone a chance to showcase their data-driven artistic skills while competing for top prizes. Practitioners of all genders and skill levels were encouraged to enter and the final winners will be announced on June 5, 2020. The Top 10 entries have already been selected – […]


Should Your Employer Cover Professional Development? WIA Says Yes!

The Impact of Workshops and Masterclasses on Companies According to a recent LinkedIn Workforce Learning Report, 93% of employees would stay at a company longer by simply feeling more invested in their careers. Helping employees feel invested, oftentimes boils down to providing avenues for training and professional development. Sadly, only […]


Meet Some of the Women in Analytics Conference Speakers

The 2020 Women in Analytics Conference is set to further reveal the ways in which women are able to share unique insights into the data, analytics, and AI industries. The speakers lined up for the 2020 conference are diverse in their backgrounds and thorough in their research, meaning that participants […]


Meet Matthew Walker: Student Attendee to Volunteer Analyst

One of the best parts of attending the Women in Analytics Conference, especially for a student, is connecting with others in your industry and field. Matthew Walker attended last year’s conference as a student and this year volunteers as an Analyst on the WIA team. ​


Sound-Based Bird Detection in the Baltics

In the Baltic city of Gdańsk, Poland, 16 women from different backgrounds, from ornithology to data analysis, meet every second week to jointly work on a machine learning project – sound-based bird species detection.


Artificial Intelligence and the UN

Artificial Intelligence and the United Nations General Last week during the high-level session of the United Nations General Assembly, Deputy Secretary-General delivered remarks at the “Advancing the global goals with artificial intelligence” event at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Zone. While the vital role of AI is to accelerate […]


Diving Into WIA’s Data Viz Competition

Dinushki De Livera won first place in WIA’s inaugural Data Viz Competition back in 2018. She has gone on to speak at the 2019 WIA conference and take on a role as a WIA Ambassador. Read on to learn more about her story and why she encourages anyone considering participating in the 2020 Data Viz Competition to enter.


Who Attends the Women in Analytics Conference?

The Women in Analytics Conference is one of the largest scientifically-oriented conferences operating in the United States to date. In 2019, the event sold out to attendees from all around the world. We plan to exceed those numbers in 2020 with the arrival of professionally driven data scientists dedicated to […]

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