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Must-Follow Women in AI & Data Ethics
04 September 2020, 17:41
Whether it’s driverless cars, improving healthcare, or optimizing logistics, AI has become a tran...
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5 Women That Are Changing the Landscape of Data Analytics
22 May 2020, 08:52
Data analytics is a crucial part of today's digital transformation, and is being used in a variety of ways. Case in point, the University of Waterloo uses it for social good, with experts figuring out ways to use data analytics in reducing human waste and energy use. Queen’s University and McGill University are also leveraging big data for new-age conflict resolution.
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Sound-Based Bird Detection in the Baltics
09 October 2019, 13:41
In the Baltic city of Gdańsk, Poland, 16 women from different backgrounds, from ornithology to data analysis, meet every second week to jointly work on a machine learning project - sound-based bird species detection.
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Artificial Intelligence and the UN
09 October 2019, 11:29
Artificial Intelligence and the United Nations General Last week during the high-level session of...
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